Steinbach piano, which has focused on the strategy for designing high quality hand-made pianos in several years, used modern technology along with innovative design as two powerful wings for its purpose. The great recognition that arise from the unique and incomparable Steinbach pianos has shined all around the world. The Steinbach magnificent piano is a demonstration of our background and determination for manufacturing high quality masterpiece instrument.
Steinbach grands and upright pianos provided you a responsive and pleasant touch beside impressive and catchy tone. We have applied European keyboard, German made action, Japan made hammer, perfect Italian made soundboard precisely for manufacturing our unique products

The Craftsmanship

Assembled in Australia

All Steinbach pianos are assembled in Australia by means of skillful and expert workmanship beside the modern technology

The Action

German-Made Action

The German actions are made in accordance with Steinbach precise standards

The Hammer

Japan-Made hammers

The Japan highest quality hammers are used in Steinbach pianos

The Soundboard

Italian-Made soundboard

Tapered and contoured solid spruce soundboard which is made from the Val’di Fiemme spruce in Italy is extremely durable and tolerable to the long lasting tension of sound board.

The String

German-Made Röslau strings

The strings which used in Steinbach pianos are made in German Röslau company due to its durability and pleasent tone. These strings are used in most of excellent pianos all around the world

The Black Wood Keys

Best Quality Wooden Material

The hardwoods are precisely selected among high quality materials to manufacture a unique Steinbach piano

The Workmanship

Slow Down System

The “slow down system” is an artistic and modern trait of Steinbach pianos that is necessary for key protection